Ramana Maharshi

While I do not believe anyone needs a guru or a teacher to find truth and peace, I do think it is always pleasing and refreshing to view how others lived. I have come to know of Sri Ramana Maharshi 1879 – 1950 only in the past month and I have to confess I found his life very fascinating and deeply moving. If you have the time and the inclination I would ask you to watch this video I discovered on Ramana Maharshi life. In a world where most seem to validate their existence with endless chit chat, this Indian Sage maintained silence for long periods of his life absorbed in self enquiry, touching on what I have spoken about before that the answers we seek are within us and can never be found in the outer world.

Many people found themselves drawn to this humble man full of Humility even though he never sought followers and in truth had no real message to sell. He was a man content simply being and that amazes many of us in the west who can’t stop doing. His life was a celebration of oneness and while few of us would ever want to live as he did, he like many great avatars pointed us in a direction which few dare to look (Within).

Do not believe Ramana Maharshi had something you don’t and i do not believe you have to go to Indian to discover some lost truth or wisdom, if you do I believe you will have missed the whole point. You are connected to the everything right where you are and to think otherwise means you still can’t grasp your own divinity within.