Spiritual free fall (Nondualism)

I found myself working on this new image Nondualism which on face value seems to have a vast array of duality in it light and dark, good and evil, even a few conflicting religious beliefs. It seem obvious to me that this image had to be called Nondualism because I have come to believe that all these apparent differences are in fact all part of the one. A simply challenge of ones perceptions again and again will liberate you from the illusion of separations, where all things have equal value no matter how important or inconsequential they may appear .

Ever since starting my spiritual awakening with my first image ‘Oppressed’ I have been seeking an answer to life. I have spent days, months and years pondering the why’s and how’s, of how I came to be here on a rock spinning through space and what the point was. Now I believe I have answered that question but not in a way many will like. I know that many will see my view of the Universe and beyond as rather empty and even scary.
I had no Idea when I started this journey that I would arrive at a conclusion that would fly in the face of most peoples belief systems and that would enable me to accept everyone’s believe systems without a need to correct or embrace them. Nondualism  is my answer and what a mind bending answer it is. It matters not to me if you agree with what I have discovered, I ask only that everyone truly challenges their own perceptions via deep contemplation again and again and see where it takes them.

What then is Nondualism?
Maybe this short video may help…

…If it didn’t then maybe you are too quick to reject the concept and so unable to understand it.

We Are One
This is where the concept of ‘We are One’ stops just being a cool saying and becomes the everything. This is where everything that can or can’t be seen, heard, or felt becomes one. This is the place where hate and love dance together, where war and peace are sides of the same coin. This is the place where everything and nothing happens, separation is an illusions, you can agree with it, mock it, reject it, it matters not for the One that we all are seeks no approval from it’s self. You can dance through the halls of separation for lifetimes it matters not. For no matter how far you run, how well you hide, you can’t escape the everything that is You.

Distance matters not, just as the toes may seem like a million miles away from the hairs on your head from the perspective of a single cell you view you body as one and whole without separation. If you extend that view out into the universe you can see that your body is linked to planets and stars that you may never have even viewed with your earthly eyes. For what is a tree without earth and water, what is the earth and water without the planet. Everything is linked be it above or below, within or without only from your point of observation do things appear separate and as we all know appearances are very deceptive.

Not Easy
Non duality is not an easy concept to grasp, for everything we have ever learnt from our earliest moments have been pointing to what makes us different, separate and who’s Ego wants to be linked to that which they hate or fear. You are one with everything no matter if you like it or not. Block out the concept if you wish, but just like your own earthly death, it will come whether you like it or not, one lifetime (if not this one) you will have a realization that you really are a part of this cosmic dance, of which there are no wall-flowers.

Below is an interview I discovered when I was looking for videos that may help explain what I know to be true.  I have never even heard of Tony Parson before today and you may not full understand or resonate with what he is saying but I find it fascinating that he touches on some of the titles of my work ‘Unconditional love’, ‘Liberation from illusion’ and ‘Universal Love’.


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