Voting , politics and spirituality

Today I will be voting in the euro elections, why? what’s the point I hear people say across UK. Sadly apathy runs very deep when it come to voting and I can understand why, many people still watch the news and despair at politicians and what they get up to. They seem to always be manipulating the truth, feathering their own nests and at worst breaking the law. People say oh they don’t know what it’s like to be me, they don’t care about me, I only see my MP when it’s time to vote or they want something. Personally I don’t think as politicians as some kind of divine being. I don’t think they have evolved some morally superior gene to everyone else, what I’m trying to say is they are just people and people do what people do. I know no one that has walked the path of life bathed by truth, love and perfection everyday. In truth most people who appear nice, friendly even saintly given a position of power would make the goings on in parliaments look like a day at the Kindergarten. So expect no more from Politian’s then you do yourself, friends or neighbours.

So given what I have just said I hear many people say once again – Why Vote?

Here are my reason why I believe not voting is not cool, helpful or making some deep moral statement.

We in the UK and luckily we have a relative amount of freedom, most of the time. We get to go, do and see what we like. No we don’t have total freedom, but let face it on an earthy plane total freedom is not an option especially with most of our brains still transfixed with fear and gain. We have this relatively free country not by accident but by blood sweat and tears, our forefathers/mothers (if they lived in the country) striked, marched and even fought and died to give us the right to vote. People in the past did things we would think twice about doing just so we can complain about our leaders and not face beatings, hangings, beheadings or slavery. Given that, is getting off our arse and placing a vote once every few years such a chore?

Not voting or defacing your voting slip is simply a act of, betral and insult to all those who still don’t have the right to vote across the world, who will still have to face harm even death to gain what we see as a basic right or in many cases a pointless act.

Many spiritual and non spiritual people make that sweeping statement I have no interest in politics, what they are truly saying is that they have no interest in life or the lives of others. For politics prevails every action in life, In fact almost  every decision we make is political. In fact it could be said those of us who see ourselves as spiritual are more political than we know. We want peace (a political act) we want the right to worship as we wish (a political act), we want the right to walk in nature or save it or even hug a tree (a political act) even the right to write this blog is a a political act. So while you may not be able to relate to men and women that wear suits your right to look like an Indian  yogi or wear what you like, read what you want, think what you want depends on them.

While many would not like to think as Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed  as Politian’s they where political, their words that speak of action or non action are all political and without the right politicians in power you would not even know of these great avatars. Most teenagers just 20 years on in China are unaware of Tiananmen Square demonstrations simply because of the power of politicians to shape the thinking and knowledge of people.

So Vote today even if you really don’t fully understand why your voting because today just by placing an x on a piece of paper you have the ability to shape you world just a little bit. Voting is as spiritual of an act as anything else in life. If you love life and nature even the air you breath you must vote today even if it’s just to say ‘I’m alive and I do care’.