‘Swine Flu’ and the sky is falling in !

So the media and governments have something to frighten the population of the world with ‘Swine Flu’, once again this is the end of world as we know it and aren’t we doing well for big doomsday stories…

breakdown of the world money markets ….check,


global killing comet on it’s way…..check (But it might miss us on the first orbit)

world war 3…..Ok we are working on it.

I have to say that it’s enough to make a grown man cry, except this grown man really doesn’t care any more. For the one clear fact is that no one can escape physical death it is only around the corner. It’s been that way as long as I can remember and I’m sure one day in the next 40 years I will shuffle off this mortal coil. There is little that I have been able to do about that, in fact there is nothing anyone alive can do about it.

What makes me sad is that news like ‘swine flu’ destroys the quality of life we do have now. If tomorrow we all die because the planet wobbles of it’s axes let’s enjoy today. We have never been able to do very much about the future and knowing we have a pandemic around the corner is like knowing that at any minute we can have a stroke or a heart attack. It really doesn’t sever us or enhance humanity.

If we all agree that this pandemic will be the undoing of us what then? Panic buying, boarding up of windows, mass productions of home made weapons to defend ourselves from raping and pillaging mohawked punks,(yes I’ve seen Mad max as well), we know the endgame. We’ve all seen the horror and sci-fi films. We all know the army and police end up shooting more of ‘us’ than they help, that the ‘US’ are always expendable.

The fact is there are too many of ‘us’ on this planet. We are like locusts destroying everything on mass. We have turned living creatures into sick and twisted sausage factories. We consume food without a care for how it comes about and then we are surprised when sickness spawns from our creations. We demand stuff to fill up our homes and lives, we demand power without a care for the consequence, as long as we don’t have to live by wind turbines that might blemish our views or power stations that my leak and kill us. We see no future, no jobs, no hope yet we continue to copulate and bring more innocent lives into this world we can’t really understand ourselves.

Stop and think hard…what really has man done for the planet and the universe beyond? What have we done to make us worth the saving? You know the answers nothing, we haven’t enhanced this planet one bit. We may point to the arts but what of it? It pales against what was already here. Yet we all expect the gods, the angels and the ET’S to turn up and help us out? Why?

This tired old planet must think what’s a few billion of them for a quieter life. As humans we are happy with half of the population or more dyeing out as long as we aren’t one of the billions that die. The truth hurts and the truth is you only worried about swine flu because it might get you. You can pass as many crocodile tears as you wish but inside I know you really don’t care, because no one does and at times that hurts you most.

So maybe the sky is falling in on our world ~Does it really matter?

How can this be a spiritual point of view? Where are the uttering’s of oneness and love that usually come from my blog. Where is the hope? Good question. It seems hope is not required, because tonight like sheep we will once again feed on the negative news on mass and the small voice in us that says this is not helpful this is not displaying our divine spirits will be anesthetised with a bottle of alcohol.  They say ‘You bring about what you think about’ …So welcome to your world.

You can change, you can be better, thinner, happier, friendlier, more loving more caring, right now – this very second, but can you really be bothered?

Is the world in a bad enough shape to start Challenging your perceptions? Start changing the ways things have always been done? or do you want more?

Underneath the Kingdom of the Ego is a perfect unblemished ray of light that is you, the real you, don’t you think it would be nice to explore that side? To try to make a better world in the time you have left no matter how long or short that may be. To be the hope and love you so desperately seek in others. What have you got to loose? ~In truth nothing because in no time at all your body will once again be dust.

It’s time … Wake up from this empty nightmare and try to become a person worth saving.

Gaia – The earth is a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism.

For more info on Gaia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis