Spotify, music heaven on earth.

I have to be honest and say I no longer have my finger firmly on the pulse of the latest computer and Internet breakthroughs, well at 42 I’m a virtual dinosaur ‘cor guv did you fight in the war against that bloke with the Moustache’ kids ask me all the time. Despite my senile state I still know and get excited at brilliant ideas when I see them or in this case hear one, may I introduce you to Spotify. Spotty what? you may be saying as I would have just 24 hours ago, Spotify as it says on their website ‘ A world of music Instant, simple and free’ Wow itunes it’s be nice but until you bat something back over the net Spotify is 2 sets up and it’s not even broken into a sweat.

If you have ever just wanted to have music your way then this my friend is the service for you go forth and sign up and enjoy unless you live in America as you can’t get it yet (oh rapture we get something first for once – I jest ) . While Spotify may not have every track in the world on it, I found very few things it didn’t have and in time the play list will become truly mega. Don’t panic this is not some illegal download site this is legit. As you should know I’m a bit of an old stickler for copyright law and people getting paid their dues. I believe this new website jukebox could in fact help save the music industry because 1st who will go through the whole process of stealing music if you can get it for free and 2nd it gives everyone the chance to expand their musical horizons without the risk of wasting cash and not liking I what they have brought. Obviously as the system is free it is advert driven but that is a small price to play for musical bliss and if like me you can see the brilliance of the site you can buy a £9.99 a month premium option that will opt you out of the adverts and send a message to the world this is what we want ‘choice’. I will no doubt sign up for this as I can see that a whole world of music for the price of one album is amazing value.

Also Its got to be a eco winner, because we have no need for crappy cases that break or those bloody CDs that we were told when they came out would ‘never scratch ’ (yeah what a lie that was) I can already hear landfills across the land cheering.

No more need for radio stations with there wafer thin playlist. Now it’s Tim wheater to lady gaga, dead can dance to the Bee Gees, Holst to Girls Aloud, can I think of any other combinations I’ve listen to in the last day oh yes smashing pumpkins to benny hills – Ernie.

This is the future, total musical freedom ‘thank god’ no more music critics advising us on what we should or shouldn’t buy, we can just click on something new and try it on for size.

I hope satellite companies like SKY are watching this and will soon get their fingers out and offer movies and programs on a real pay per view process, why should I pay out £40 + a month for a load of old junk when I could pick and pay just for what I want to watch . Once that happens I will be in entertainment nirvana. No more DVDs and cds cluttering up my house. Pure Entertainment zero mess.

The downside (sorry)

I know I know if you think this though to the endgame it means more and more shops closing, less and less jobs, fatter and fatter people as no one goes anywhere. Hmmm my entertainment heaven has just spelled the end of life as we know it ‘buggar’. Oh well maybe like in ‘The Matrix’ we can wire all the people on the couches up and use their energy to drive all the power stations hmm cool even more eco benefits, thank you Spotify

Thank god for Silliness
1971 – 4 weeks at No.1

Probably the greatest lines in musical history :-
‘He said you wanted pasturised Coz pasturised is best
She says Ernie I’ll be happy If it comes up to me chest’