Divine Comedy

The healing properties of laughter are generally well know, that said we have all heard of people that have literally died laughing. (What a wonderful way to go) Maybe they had finally seen the light and the punch line to this absurd play we are all a part of.

It’s a fact, life as we play it out is positively ridiculous and the funniest thing of all is that most of us have forgotten to laugh. What I have just said must not be viewed as uncaring, I care very much about many things but if you sit back and view the way we act day in day out even the most miserable of souls must see the funny side.

We live everyday completely out of control of everything. We are hurtling through space clinging to a large and very complex rock. We have no real clue how we got here and at any second of the day a billion things could happen that will snuff out our poor fragile bodies. Yet we walk around fooling ourselves we are in control and that everything will pan out just as we planned.

More absurdness, we really believe that some parts of earth are more sacred than others and yet everything in the universe was created by a divine energy and if you want to see that as a man called god that’s fine but if we are going to talk in those terms it is pure madness to believe he constructed a universe where some bits were a little more divine than others or that some people where a little more good then the rest.

Rolling with the analogy of old man god he must be laughing his socks off at the strange way we have formed our dualistic asylum and better still really brought into it. The jokes we tell ourselves are amazing, that our purpose is to make money, become famous, to figure out why we are here, and get married. We claim to live for our holidays, our children, our parents. We fight and war in the name of truth or god or glory. We believe that what we say is true and really matters. We read and write trillions upon trillions of words (just like this blog) to justify what we do or think. We all believe peace and love is the way to go but we will kill anyone who doesn’t go along with it. We all agree that without a healthy planet we will all be doomed yet we still destroy it daily and have no real intention of changing the way we live. We all claim to be worried about the future, we suffer with neurosis piled on neurosis, and we can’t even get through a day without trying to do all kinds of insane things to block out the pain, stress and that strange empty feeling. Yet we still bring more and more children into the world which we all believe is on it’s last legs and just years away from Armageddon now if that’s not funny I don’t know what is.

The 1st of April is not the only fool’s day, we have 364 others and even that’s a joke because we all know our time and calendars don’t really work or fit the real world. (In ‘truth’ a year is about 365.25 days and a day is not really a perfect 24 hours etc etc)

With all this silliness around once again I point out the funniest thing of all is how damn serious we make the whole mess.

So when you are enjoying life and laughing what are you really doing? I believe we are in line with the divine simply acknowledging the way we live and think is madness. If someone comes up to you today and says oh be serious say ok ‘I’ll start as soon as everyone else does’

The more I see of the world the more I understand that those we call comedians are really our most enlightened teachers they just have the guts to say what we are all really thinking. On a personal level the jesters of this world are often the deepest thinkers and often the most troubled because of that which is a paradox indeed.

So if we call ourselves ‘spiritual’ and we are not laughing or smiling we are obviously doing something wrong.

Happy fools day my friends.