Joy, happiness, Art and MBS shows

So that’s the Brentwood show over for another year and very good it was as well. I would like to thank everyone who came to the show and all those that made it possible. A big thank you to all who purchased my prints as always, we (my wife and I) are very grateful for you choosing to take my work into your homes and work places, I hope it brings you many years of enjoyment.

The life of an artist is seldom a path to riches, likewise people who believe that putting on or taking part in MBS shows big or small is some fast track to monetary nirvana are sadly very deluded. Even in my short time on the circuit (two years), I have seen many people come and go, organizers because all they thought they had to do was book a hall, put up a few signs and place an add in the paper and the world would come flocking. Vendors because they wanted a constant income, or their expectations where simply totally unrealistic. We have attended fairs where only 15 people have come through the door all day and I have also been at events where many thousands have arrived. One year a show may be a financial failure the next it could be beyond your most optimistic expectations. With all fairs/exhibitions I attend if I make my stand money back I’m a happy man anything else is just a blessing. I spent most of my life up and till 40 doing things for financial reward and it failed time and time again to bring me any form of happiness.

On good days people may look at me on my stand and think wow that looks like the thing to do, but I know my works commercial limitations as it only appeals to a very select group of people and that is fine. As a creative person I can think of nothing more horrific than producing art just to make money.

My view on life is If you don’t feel predominately happy about what you do don’t do it! No if’s, but’s or maybes. If you are in fear of stopping your non happiness because of what that may bring you should think on that, what would it bring you? More unhappiness!!!.

I’m sure we all know people who moan all the time about their lot in life but in reality love what they do. Until you really sit and listen to your still quiet voice and find out what would bring you joy you maybe over looking the fact that what you are doing right now is really is what you love. Like wise you may have all the trappings of success and believe yourself to be ‘happy’ but awake one day and be totally miserable.

Often it is the case what may bring you happiness may well have the opposite effect on family and friends then you have to decide if your purpose in life is to experience happiness or simply make others happy. You need to seek you best and most truthful answer to all such questions, as the sooner you discover your truth the better the world in general will be.

I believe no one on earth in truth was born to be a beast of burden to others and while that may be the role you chose to act out this is still your decision. Joy, freedom, fear oppression in fact all emotional states are all mind sets and have little to do with what is happing in the exterior world. So deciding to be in joy with what you do, with what you buy and how you live is usually the most important step. Only you can make up your own mind, as hard as it may seem the term helpless victim is more often used as an excuse than a statement of fact.

Some other things that may seem obvious to you but are generally not understood are:-Any one that gains by the depriving of others (rich or poor) via any form of theft, copyright infringement, etc is simply sowing the seeds for a very rotten harvest some time in the not to distant future. Also what may appear to be the hardest jobs in the world are not hard to those that are in a state of joy while doing them.

As the saying goes, “follow your bliss” doing anything else is simply setting up problems and regrets in the future for you and ever one you claim to care for , isn’t it?