Death and the Jade Goody in us all

After thousands of years most of us still fear death maybe more than in any time in our history. Unlike in the past dealing with death and the dying is not daily event for most of us . The question is would we live any different if it were? I personally think we would.

In the film ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ a short but poignant scene goes as follows
Balian of Ibelin says to Hospitaller (going to battle) ‘You go to certain death’.
Hospitaller replys ‘ All death is certain’

On Earth no one gets out of here alive and yet most of us live daily as if we are going to be around for ever, we sit and make plans for out future in fact most of us spend our whole life in the future seldom even seeing the world as it really is right now.

The event of a few days ago and our close encounter with a small (but deadly) asteroid unlined the fact that Death is waiting in the wings for us all and it doesn’t need a warrant and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

In the UK a tabloid and reality TV ‘star’ Jade Goody has only weeks to live cut down by the Big C and while I have never be enamored with the woman I find it really very sad. We all have a Jade inside of us, I can hear people scoffing at such a statement but it’s true. Jade like us all wanted to have a good life, she wanted to have fun, be loved, admired, she hoped to prove that she could be more than what most people saw her as. Unlike the majority she achieved all the goals that society now deems so important. In fact Jade has excelled in the material world, but like all the great parables there is a lesson to be learned from this young woman’s life.

Life is impermanent, fleeting, it is not a race, it has no summit and in the end he or she with the most toys gets diddly-squat just the same. Right now your cells could be turning against you, your heart, liver or brain could be just days from bringing you down. No matter what ‘clean bill of health’ the doctors may give you, tomorrow you could be done and dusted.

But that of course is not the only lesson from the jade tale, the true lesson I believe is at the end of the day the only thing that matters is inner peace. Don’t turn you face from the jades final days or believe she is different from you, as I say again she is you. As our final minutes come we won’t be thinking about money, ipods, TV news or even food. We will be seeking a metaphorical (if not a literal ) arm to cradling us and say ‘rest, its nearly done, your not apart any longer, you have made your point, you have done your best as you saw it and it was all as it should be, now relax for true freedom is at hand’.

Life is short and it is my hope that one day we will wake up and truly experience and understand the wonder of it without judgement or trivia. Thank you Jade for bringing our attention back to our own mortality, this is your greatest gift to us and we thank your for it. May peace be with you.

‘I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter’ – Winston Churchill