Life is good even when it rains.

A simple question ‘When was the last time you smiled when it poured down with rain?’

What kind of stupid question is that I hear you say … it’s a important one because if you can’t smile when its poring down with rain you’re missing out.’

I couldn’t smile when it rained, in fact I couldn’t smile period … simple because I grew up in a apart of the world where the only people who smiled where having their picture taken or were considered crazy. Admit it if you see a person walking towards you who you don’t know and they have a big smile on there face it freaks you out …yep I know……think about that for a second that’s sad, isn’t it? I mean we all want to be happy don’t we but when we meet someone who is for no apparent reason it really pisses us off.

Ok stop what you’re doing right now !

Go on smile…Yes right now go on… Go on go on go on… feels good right?… Bet you feel like you might laugh … Go on smile again …

Ok you have taken your first step to the new you. If you didn’t smile what’s up …unless you’re unfortunate to physically not be able to smile… What’s the problem?

I mean I have a forward jaw so my smile is not exactly great but hey who cares…

If you didn’t smile I guess it’s a case you are to cool for this kind of crap or  someone’s looking at you while you are reading this …who cares even more reason to do it smile

Let’s take a massive leap forward, image if the world you live in now didn’t have to be your reality.

Sound crazy? I know but bear with me. On last page I spoke about smiling, I think you would agree that it is most people’s perception is we do not live in a world of happy smiling people, and as I always say ‘perception is your reality’

That being the case if you change your perception on something you will change your reality… For example if you started to live in a brand new world based on your view that most people are happy and smiling, you would start to see people happy and smiling. It also follows that if you think the world is miserable and sad, you will see people who are sad, angry and frustrated… Let’s look at a different example: – When you think about getting a new car in a certain style all of a sudden you see that make of car all over the place. It has always been there right in front of you yet your mind usually just doesn’t pay attention…

How many things in life have you created your own perception of?  What if I said the world’s flat ….’No it’s not!’ you’d say. But how do you know that for sure? Well unless you have been up high in the sky in a plane or personally carried out scientific readings, you are using other people’s ideas to form your own reality – your own world.

Much of what we believe to be true is what we have been told by our family and friends, books, teachers, priests, and the mass media.  Unless you are very lucky you simply don’t have time, knowledge or money to prove or disprove thousands of things which are imbedded in your brain as concrete facts.

If I said to you that the world you live in is therefore not yours, in some way I’d be telling you the truth….This is not a problem if you are happy all the time and living the life you wanted – warmed and comforted by your beliefs. That’s fine and you have no reason to read any more.

But you’re probably not fine – you have hopes and dreams which you can’t see how to make them a reality , You have doubts about the belief system which you conditionally or subconsciously live by or you have a feeling of emptiness or loss pain etc. Well if that is the case don’t you think it’s time you changed?  Shifted your perception to make your reality your world one that would be worth living in?

Interested? What’s it going to cost I hear you say? Nothing, just losing your old perceptions and receiving a few stares from family and friends as they see you change a little bit every day…

Ok change your perception on gravity think of your self as flying… Sorry I’m joking, you can’t change the laws of nature. Well maybe you can but that is well beyond me, and some of the greatest minds the world has ever known. Now let’s just change the world one small bit at a time and only for the better, for good, joy and love. The world needs that kind of change for it is already immersed in negatively and doom.

In my world you are perfection personified as am I…

Wow how cool is that – Perfection, bet not many people have told you, you are Perfection. Perfection is that which is complete — which contains all the requisite parts. That which is so good that nothing of any kind could be better, that which has attained its purpose. You may think that a statement like that is arrogant and doesn’t fit well with you oh well maybe it’s time to change your Perception.

I am sure you believe you have so many short comings, and boy I bet you been told about them on a daily bases by so many people. Its ok we all have but the difference is from now on we aren’t going to hear these negative views of our self. We are just going to think on this – ‘you are perfection personified, that which is complete’.
You need nothing more than you have to be perfection. You don’t need money, fancy clothes, degrees, big cars and houses. You may want them and that’s fine but you don’t need them.  Things do not make people great; people who think they are great make them selves great. No person who looked at themselves and doubted ever achieved much. Beware though, do not think your self better than others because this is as equally foolish as feeling inferior.  We are all the same, ‘We are all one’, that which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better. We are all brilliant.

In my world smiling makes a difference. In my world debt doesn’t bring you down. In my world life is great ‘Even when it Rains’… My world can be your world not when you die …or if you receive divine intervention or immerse your self in mind changing drugs ….not even after a day a year a lifetime of study. Simply, as quickly as the time it takes to say ‘I am willing to change my perception of the world’ …it’s that easy.
The hard bit is keeping your perceptions changed and positive. If you fall back into old habits just change you perception back again. Be mindful of everything you say and do. Simply think before you speak, do not add your voice to negative views or ideas of gossip – be aware that the universe operates on a law of attraction.

The law of attraction simply put works on the notion: – what you think is what you create. You may of heard of this before, it is not a new, it has been around for many hundreds/thousands of years. It was even spoken in holy texts- ‘Ask and you shall receive’.  Of late it has been made into a films like ‘The Secret’.

Some of you may be asking but what of god in all this? If your god is a forgiving, loving and non-judgmental god He is here, a part of us all, and a part of the perfection… Fear not, this is not where I ask you to believe in him, for an all powerful being that which is everything doesn’t need you to believe in him, He asks nothing of you ever and either do I. These are simply views I now hold after 40 years of searching for my truth, my reality.

In one simple blog, I may have said things you have never heard before, things that may seem a little crazy in your perceived world.  I very much doubt I will have changed the views of those that fear everything, but for those of you that seek change I may have cracked open the door

I leave you this to think and act on… If you never smile, never acknowledge people you live near or work with why not change your insular view.  Say hi, hello, good morning/evening and smile to all you meet. Most people will return the greeting even if they don’t know you and if they simply don’t reply that is fine don’t give up.  When walking my dog I meet loads of people, one guy would do everything he could so he won’t have to interact with me, yet I would always say morning as we past 6 feet away from each other. For a long time he chose not to reply, but one day he did. Now he goes out of his way to say hi or wave from a distance. Why that may not seem like a life changing event believe me it warms the soul, and any social interaction of a positive type send out a small ripple that in time will change lives.

Do you hate the rain? Are you one of those that runs or cover, puting anything over your head rather than getting wet? Hey! It’s just rain, slow down and enjoy the feeling of the rain splashing down on you and take in the moment and the reactions of everyone around you to a down pour.  Changing this will change your perception of rain from an inconvenience to just another of life’s enjoyable experiences.

You will come to know that life is good even when it rains