Conversations with god by Neale Donald Walsh

For me ‘Neale Donald Walsh’s conversations with god (book one) is a wonderful book (and an even better audio book) that I became aware of just at the very moment I needed it, the message was important to me for it confirmed my view of the power that drive the universe. As you Know I don’t follow any one religion or belief but I feel that like all spiritual works it holds a deal of ancient wisdom within it. Now I know many people see the book as deeply offensive and dislike (I use mild word) Neale for the ‘evil’ they perceive he has done, that just goes proves my point of the blog, what heals one person kills another.

Did Neale talk to god? When anyone sits and truly considers a situation they bring a point of view with them, ultimately after a time of inner debate that person confirms or over turns their view point. Often they will say I just had a flash of inspiration and saw how it must be, was that chemicals in the brain? or was that something greater than we know? Neale will not be the first person to view inspiration as the voice of god and he won’t be the last. I can not say if Neale did or didn’t talked to god but this debate clouds a book that at it’s core can heal and bring comfort not to mention peace to those it was intended for and for those it wasn’t it can bring nothing but angst .

Any way enough of my ramblings watch the video and see the chain of events unfold. It should give you something to think on ……

Have a great weekend