One of the strangest things about life for me is sleep. I have never, no matter how hard I tried, ever caught myself at the exact point of going to sleep. Once I am asleep I have no knowledge of being so and it is only upon awakening that I’m aware that I was asleep at all.

Like many of life’s most amazing mysteries, people generally give little thought to sleep and the fact much of their life is spent somewhere else. I find it highly amusing that people spend a fortune on drugs and drinks to quote ‘get out of their heads’ when really they could do it for free and simply go to sleep. Where we go when we are asleep I do not know. Some people have amazing dreams which they can relay scene by scene. I can say, with a little disappointment, I have very few dreams that I can recall.

The fact that we can go somewhere without knowing where at least once a day has lead many people to hypothesize on the possibility that our life and lives could have many unknown layers. Given this state of unknowing, it’s not too far of a stretch to see all life could be merely another form of sleep or dreaming state that we awake from when we die. Films like the matrix have questioned whether reality is even real at all. Most people find such concepts so silly, worrying or complicated that they dismiss them without even giving them a second thought.

The Awakening I am referring to in my artwork is not the one brought on by a bleeping alarm. It is in fact the awakening that happens when you open your mind to all the possibilities of life in a non dogmatic and judgemental way. Such mental freedom is both scary and exhilarating while being sadly irritating to all who have not decided to awaken.

Before we go any further I want to state one thing, for me an awakened state and an enlightened state are not the same. I am currently in an awakened state but I am not enlightened (well not as far as I know). I have simply opened up myself to all the possibilities. I now choose to say all is possible until proven otherwise, while pure sceptics state the very opposite. I believe an awaken person lives in total uncertainty and unknowing but is happy to shrug off the need for definitive answers.

Both science and religion may mock this vagueness. In a universe that could have up to 500 billion galaxies in it, according to a German super computer recently, I believe it amazingly arrogant and naive to say we know all the answers. I respect everyone’s opinion to believe what they want and I am sure that in time many scientific theories and religious beliefs will be proven correct. Sadly the inability to wait for the answers, no matter how many thousands of years it may take, points to a childlike need to be right. Many grow frustrated at the unknowing and feel much disempowerment, I personally find the state profoundly wonderful and liberating. Of course, it could come about that we are all simply a dream in the mind of an intergalactic space turtle and with that, I’m off to have a cup of tea…