Connection to Source

Your connection to Source power can be never broken, it flows across the universe as an unseen network of energy. No- thing is ever excluded from this Divine Matrix. Via these invisible strands of vibration energy all things are connected, they know not of dualism of right or wrong. While you may believe your life falls short, that the world has cast you under a great shadow of doom and gloom that is only your perception, made without access to the whole cosmic picture. It is said this universal energy mimics your own, that via your thoughts, but more so your feelings you manifest the world in which you live.

So that said you can’t commend yourself for what’s good in your life and blame what’s bad on others, for you bring it all forth. Within even the most perfect summer garden weeds are growing. Take time to look beyond your surface bliss and idyllic hopes, seek what thoughts and feelings dwell within you, for there is the place you sow the seeds for your future. The Source can never truly manifest anything from just a shallow positive thought; it builds from your core feelings, your inner truth. So I say again in another way, the Source knows not of the lies and deception, it truly only can weave from our deepest (and sometimes darkest) convictions, many of which we have glossed over but have never truly faced.