Stop worrying and enjoy your life.

For the many readers of this blog that do not live in the UK I must explain what a small group of fanatical? Atheists have done. They have paid for a poster campaign on some of the city buses; it reads as follows “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

Now depending on your personal perception you may find this anywhere from highly amusing, to a valid point, to just simply deeply offensive. For many the fact that the ad was thought up, supported and paid for would suggest that these people are really not taking their own advice. In truth, most people in the UK weren’t worried about it, compared to other countries around the world most everyday people in the UK don’t even give God a second thought.

In a world that loves to pigeon hole I would say I resonate towards ‘new age spirituality’ but even that in some minds will paint the wrong picture. The two quotes that probably best describe my personal view of life are: ‘Life is so much more than simply the result of random act of science’ and ‘All is possible till proven otherwise’. I choose to believe that everything is driven by a power beyond our imaginations and is linked by energy which I and many others call the Divine Matrix. I’m happy to call that driving force ‘god’ or the ‘source’, I really have ‘stopped worry’ about a name for it. If you think that my belief sounds like a complete load of rubbish that’s just fine.

I didn’t always hold such an open minded or ‘new age’ approach to life. I grew up and lived in a world where science ruled. I was unaware then that most of science fact was just science theory and that science had done far more to destroy the Earth than any religion ever could.

Without any real thought on my part, I’d been indoctrinated into the big theories like evolution and the big bang. I went along with the naive belief that nuclear power was the only way forward, and that any problem humans had could be solved by the big brains and white coats. Finally I also have to confess I held a polarized but popular view, that religion had nothing to offer the modern world.

As you may know in 2006 I had an awakening to the fact that all was not as it had seemed and that most of the perceptions of life I held as reality where fundamentally flawed.

I have the deepest respect for the importance both religion and science has in billions of peoples lives, I can not say in truth who is right or wrong or even if anyone on the planet really knows what life, god, the earth or universe is or isn’t . I personally will not be drawn into age old arguments which have no end. I hold the view that tolerance is the key to our survival on this planet, as we are fools if we believe we will truly ever agree on anything.

That is the reason why much against my better judgement I brought this subject up. For as silly or insignificant as the atheist bus may seem, my perception of it is of a group of people metaphorically poking a hornets nest with a stick and seeing what trouble they can brew. This campaign shows us once again how a few with that most troublesome need to be ‘right?’, can destroy the harmony of others and in so doing put at risk the wonder and beauty of the planet. Ultimately any fool can start a war (verbal or otherwise), it’s the peace thing we all need to get to grips with.