Mirror of your soul

Imagine if you could buy yourself a mirror that would let you view your own soul.  I wonder if you would be surprised at what you would see.  What the soul is or even if it exists is open for debate. But for you to find benefit from this image or concept you don’t have to believe in anything. You just have to be brave enough to be very honest with yourself.

You can choose to focus on the image opposite or simply close your eyes. I have been viewing my soul for years (though I never called it that). I was under the impression it was something everybody did, but it seems that this is not the case.

Ask yourself these questions in any order you like:-
Is the image of myself I present to the world really me?
Is the image of myself I present to the world really honest?
Does my presence in the world harm others?
When did I stand alone, looking at the night sky for more than 10 minutes?
Could I enjoy my own company without all the stimuli of the modern world for one whole day?
Could I find happiness sitting by a river in the sun?

I picked these questions at random. There are, of course, a million things you could ask. What is important is the act of asking yourself a question and then struggling to find an answer that is both honest and your own. Most people never ever ask themselves questions or express a view for fear they may be wrong.

Did you know that you are probably the most qualified person in the world on the subject of you? It really sounds silly but how many people do you know that pay others to ask them questions. With that in mind, asking yourself a few questions every day does not seem so silly.

You may lie to everyone on this earth everyday about how you really feel, but you owe it to yourself to be truthful. You maybe amazed or even a little embarrassed at your answers.  My advice would be not to write them down as others may find them upsetting. You may just like to leave it there or you could begin to act on your findings.

So when was the last time you really gazed into the night’s sky? If it was a long time ago, go out tonight and see how it makes you feel now. If you don’t believe happiness can be found sitting by a river in the sun, find out if you’re right. Then, figure out what that experience lacks and what this indeed says about you. Before you know it you will be amazed at what you have discovered.

My final thought is you must avoid being too judgmental. If you find the experience totally disempowering or even painful it could be that you have suppressed your feelings for so long that you don’t even know who you really are. Wisdom would suggest that all the answers to your life’s problems lie within you …If this all becomes too overwhelming it could be time to call in an expert’s advice.

The mirror to your soul could be the most powerful and obvious idea you will ever discover.  I hope you enjoy your reflection ….

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