Stop carrying your past into your future.

As we approach the end of another year people start to think about their New Year’s Resolutions. Some say they want to lose weight, while others want to take up a new hobby or job, some even make bold statements like, ‘I want to change who I am’. I can’t help but think these are all doomed to failure unless we actually leave the old us behind.

It is a fact most people drag their past around like boulders, every year the weight becomes greater and the despair deeper. This past colours their view of everyday life and limits the ability to truly live life. So despite the fact we may enter a whole new year, within a few days we have dragged all our past into it and nothing changes.

The past can destroy our now and our future if we let it. We see this on the world stage day in day out as our ‘great’ religions battle over the same things they have done for hundred of years. Countries still hate other countries for wars that were fought in the past. Even in the UK history gets in the way of the Scottish, English and welsh being one nation.

Inside us we battle the past daily, things that were said and done to us, things we did and said play over and over again. The Christian concept of sin is a powerful stick which we beat ourselves with, even if we have never been to church, that mindset runs through the very heart of western society.  Our ‘evil’ deeds no matter how mild stay with us day in day out eating away at our soul. We so want to confess who we really are to the people we meet but society does not hold the truth in hi esteem, compassion and forgiveness are not things practiced in our world.

How often do we see our leaders and media stars persecuted for things that have been dug up in their past, society expects payment for past sins and often great people are forced to step down from positions because of long forgotten acts. This then sends a clear message to us to keep quiet about anything we may have done in the past that friends and family may find objectionable . So we live a lie and we never escape our past because we are in fear people may  discover who we really are. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, but boy is it killing some of us.

As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men ‘you want the truth you can’t handle the truth’ and he was right, we can’t handle the truth about our loved ones our leaders our stars our country our history. Nobody’s perfect yet we all demand perfection from everyone we meet what a mess we have gotten ourselves in.

The Pasts holds us back
Obviously not all past is dark and sinister much of it seems to be good  but over time good becomes great and then we find ourselves sounding like our parents dwelling on the good old days. In truth what has gone before was never that great or that bad, ‘It just was’ our warped perceptions of our own history does us a great disservices it is like a acid that eats away at every new us we try to construct .

So this new year’s eve I intend to mentally dump the boulders of my past once and for all. I know that it will be far from easy to do, however I have to try for my soul yearns to be free and I owe it to the future me.

Happy new year all.