Christmas Eve a personal view point

As a Child I was bought up a Christian by default through a junior school system that was heavily Church of England, so I know the meaning of Christmas. Now as a man, my belief system deifies description and spans many faiths and beliefs. The core elements being drawn from Zen Buddhist, Hinduism, Paganism, New Ageism and I fully embrace all the most positive elements from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish worlds. This looks like I’m sitting on the fence but it just means I chose to see what connects us and not what separates us. I recoil at all dogmatic teachings and fanatics who can not see anyone else’s view point (sadly many atheists fall into that category) but as usual I digress.

Christmas Eve was always my favourite part of Christmas. I remember as a small child sitting on the window sill singing my favourite hymns at the top of my voice looking for Santa in the snow (Yes it did snow in those days)

Now I still see it as metaphoric time of hope and birthing of knowledge and the ways of the Christ. For while many say Jesus the man never existed, the wisdom and values of the Christ can not be easily brushed aside for they represent what is the best possible side of us. A side of us that knows not of cynicism, lack, fear, hate, or separation ….having a Christ nature is not the same as being a Christian, just as having a Buddha nature is not the same as being a Buddhist.

So as I walk around the shops this morning as I like to do every Christmas Eve, I will seek not to judge or label. I will try to see the Christ nature within all I meet. This is far from easy but on the Eve of the birth of history’s ultimate metaphor for good ~not a better thing to do.

Here’s hoping, no matter what you do or don’t believe, that this Eve you can embrace all that is good in humanity… Merry Christmas one and all.