The environment around us

If we are to take even the most optimistic views on the much debated and in some cases ridiculed idea of global warming, it would not be out of place to use that often heard quote ‘the end is nigh!’

I am personally not a scientist, but it would seem illogical to think that the aeroplanes roaring across the sky, day in day out, can be conducive in anyway to the world around us.  The mere idea of aeroplanes jettisoning fuel while in flight is quite horrific to me. It will ultimately end up in our lungs or the lungs of our children at some point. But of course, I am also fully aware that one super-volcano explosion would knock our attempts at pollution into a cocked hat….

The quite wonderful Gaia principle is that the planet is a living organism. So could we not therefore be likened to parasites on its back?  Is it not the case that our destructive ways are merely being tolerated for the time being by the Earth? For we all know it has the power to eradicate us in one foul swoop, therefore maybe it is simply watching us with interest. Are we not just flattering and deluding ourselves to think we are a threat and so its’ equal.

Many people, myself included, love nature. We all gravitate towards places where we feel free and at peace. For some this is an old wood full of twisted oaks, harking back to days of magic and wonder. While there are those that take glee in mocking people such as these, surely a conversation with a wise old oak must be far more beneficial to the soul, than a dialogue with a car, bike or any other man made object.

While Ents may no longer roam middle England in defence of their more rooted kin, you can be sure that the trees do appreciate those that do their utmost to keep the chainsaws at bay. Trees may not be the only reason we can breathe, but they definitely help. The earth will survive the deforestation, man may not.

Whether we live on the 75th floor of an apartment in a concrete jungle, in a beach hut next to the pure blue seas of the Caribbean or in a cottage in a fairytale wood we are all nature’s’ caretakers – a role we should embrace and more importantly enjoy.