In praise of 5.00am

I rise at about 4.30/5.00am every day, I do this for no other reason than I like to greet the day and experience life as it really is, that’s to say before we clutter it all up with stuff and nonsense. I take my dog out and walk the block looking at the stars and thinking how wonderful everything is. I do not come across many other people at this time despite the fact I live in a very populated seaside town. So for a short part of the day I could be the only human being on the planet, indeed the universe this is my meditation, this is my still time, my breathing space. I find ideas pop into my head that at other times of the day would be obscured by the ego noise. Yes the ego wakes up at 5.00 am as well but it really hasn’t got a lot to say at that time of the day, the streets are empty and so is his bag full of chatter.

I find it kind of ironic that I wake at 5.00am in the hope of seeing and hearing ‘nothing’ where most ‘normal’ people only get up for something. Because I live a different pace of life I could wake up at 10 am or even midday and no one would care or know except for my wife or the dog that is, yet I would feel as if I missed out on my time, in fact I would have missed out on nothing, but for the rest of the day I would feel strangely short changed and uneasy.

The truth of the fact is that many people would find a empty street at 5.00am the most boring and ugly time of they day. They would yawn, cough ,grumble and then they be even more miserable once they realized there was no one around to grumble to. They may even find themselves a little scared by the emptiness. For many egos the silence at this time would be deafening and they would have to block it out with headphones full of loudness. It’s a sad fact that for modern High definition man the lack of visual stimulation in a natural October morning would be quite unbearable. Funny enough it often seems to me much of the time even the weather at 5.00am is waiting to see what will happen next.

My walk sets me up for the day, others may meditate on the breath or do yoga, tap away at their heads or read lines from ancient texts or any other of the wonderful things people do to stop the insanity. Me I just walk at 5.00am it’s a time slot that lets me slip into the flow of life. Rather than be pulled screaming into the light by some alarm clock demanding I get up get up. It could work for you but I hope it doesn’t because then I will have to wake up at 4.ooam lol.

Now as I get up early it also means I go to bed most of the time rather early around 9.30pm, as I enjoy my sleep and don’t feel I’m missing out on anything any more. Before going to bed I like to stand for a few minutes in the garden and look up, or is it really down? it all depends on your perception, but I digress …..I stand and see what the stars are up to. My mindset at these times is never one of being alone, small and lost in the vastness of space. Now days it is always and only one of a deep feeling of connection and love. Upon looking at a star, I see the same thing as you and me, a perfect creation of the universe (source, Tao, god) vibrating in a vast sea of energy.