Challenge perceptions daily

Since the start of this voyage in late 2006, my artwork has been forcing me to challenge all my deepest perceptions of life the universe and everything. Many people can go for years on a mental auto pilot, navigating their way through life on beliefs family, friends and even the media put into place long before they, where really able to think on any deep level. Despite often the best intentions people can live a whole life as a slave to a lie that they never even new they where told.

That feeling we have that there must be more to life and that everything doesn’t feel quite right, is our inner self trying to wake us. To question everything is not easy, you will probably find the solid rock you have built your life on crumbling to dust beneath you . You may even find as I said above your whole life is based on a lie, if this turns out to be your truth you then have to ask some very important questions. Does this lie bring me happiness and empowerment and help the world in a positive manner? If you reach the conclusion it does then you may choose to remain in the lie, in the knowledge that you now fully understand that very little is truly what it seems and that all perceptions of life are just that.

What good can come from this soul searching ?

Well no matter if you change your life path as I have, choose to remain in your own fantasy world or live by others beliefs simply because it brings you comfort, you will have freed yourself from the unknowing. You will have become the director of the movie of your life and not just the puppet actor . You will witness events unfolding around you in the full knowledge that you have chosen this script the good the bad and the mundane.

The animal that chooses to remain in his cage even when the door is open, could on one hand be seen as being fearful of the world outside, or he could be seen as simply expressing his true freedom to stay exactly where he wants.

A personal life example :

I grew up in love with America, I longed to live in that glossy country I saw every week on the cinema screen, one day I was able to move to the states and I lived there for over three years. I got to experience many different states across America, it became very clear to me that at that time in my life America was not where I was meant to be. I returned home to England with the true knowledge that the grass is not greener and that England wasn’t my problem, I was. We project our own perceptions on to our surroundings. So if you have a projector that plays the movie ‘woe is me’ you may go to the most visually beautiful place on the planet, get out your projector play your movie and it will still be ‘woe is me’ .

You know this is true, but to face that we are the problem in our life is often the hardest thing to swallow. That much quoted line ‘Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone’ gets many nods of approval from both believers and non, yet how many of us follow this universal wisdom . Many of us condemn everything and everyone around us and fail to cast that critical eye inwards ….

Finally I believe we are all perfection at our core, but sadly we are all coated in lies and misconceptions, held in place by an ego that demands we are this body of disempowering thoughts. As it has been said before, you are not your hand, you have a hand. Likewise you are not your thoughts, you simply have thoughts. Do your self a favour, turn off all your noise in your life, pick a subject that really troubles you and view it from every stand point possible, Honestly defend every stand point as if it was your own and your life depended on it , what will you discover? I believe if you do it correctly you will become unable to totally condemn view points you may have raged against for years. From this you may be able to build a bridge to people you thought you had nothing in common with. Likewise the opposite may happen.

‘Open your mind and free your soul’ …a snappy line but how many of us do it ?