What is a Podcast/ How to listen to one…

What is a Podcast?

Well I leave to my good friend Wikipedia to explain:-
A podcast is a series of digital-media files which are distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and computers. The term podcast, like broadcast, can refer either to the series of content itself or to the method by which it is syndicated; the latter is also called podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster.

Why do I think podcast are brilliant?

*Well for many reasons Pod casts give you the chance to learn about things the mainstream media has no interest in or could it be the mainstream media has no interest in you being interested.

*If you like radio 4 or the World Service you’ll love podcasts as you can just listen to what you want without all that negative news.

*They are more times than not, totally free and very easy to download and play on your PC or media player such as an ipod.

*If you live in the U.K and are interested in things of a spiritual nature you really have very few other ways of finding out about all the different ideas and concepts.

*Most of the time the production qualities match or exceed that of radio talk shows.

*Very few commercials

How to listen to a podcast…
There are many ways you can listen to a podcast but most of them first require you to download the file containing the program. Now I know not everyone is a computer geek and still for many sending e-mail is problematic!

So this is the easiest way to start listening

Go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/

Download the Itunes software (don’t panic it’s free & you can have a PC or Mac)
Once loaded go to the podcast section of the store
Seek out what you want to listen to (most of it is free, but some of the big name stuff costs money… chose wisely)
Down load the file (the Itunes software will do this all for you)
Turn on your PC speakers and enjoy the program

If you find something you really like to listen to you can subscribe to a podcast and Itunes will automatically download the next new program when it is released. It does this only when you open the Itunes program.

As I said there are many ways you can get podcasts this is just the least problematic.

So if you have never listen to a podcast before what are you waiting for – get expanding your brain.