Eckhart Tolle

‘What a funny looking man’ my ego said when I first saw a video of Eckhart Tolle. Funny looking or not his words are timeless. If I had found his work years ago I could have saved myself much grief and debt. I discovered Eckhart’s work just a few months ago and was overjoyed as his concepts fitted in with much of what my work had brought me to realize: That the ‘NOW’ is all that matters – past and future are meaningless, the only time we ever have any control over is the ‘NOW’. One dimension of Eckhart’s teaching that I had not thought of and is very useful is the concept of the pain~body. I always wondered why couples so ‘enjoyed’ that weekend argument.

I have posted some youtube videos of Eckhart below….
His main web site is

If you want to really get stuck in – why not download all 10 of his podcast with Oprah from Itunes (see my post on pod casts soon!!!)

The End of Suffering (below)

Presence in Relationships (below)

What is Meditation? (below)