Taken from my book no longer available

Contrary to popular belief, creation didn’t just stop years ago when the universe was set in motion, it is alive and well in you today. Many people reject the notion that they have a controlling role in the formation of their life, preferring to see themselves as victims of happenstance. While there are those that really enjoy the grandstanding and vocalising of how bad everything is, most people lie crushed under a pile of limitations put on them by parents, teachers, and bosses. How can people ever be more than their school grades, credit rating or job description if they are never told they can be?

Creating something from nothing is impossible so we are told. Yet whether you support the big bang idea or that God created the universe, both theories in essence ask us to believe that everything we see around us came from nothing at all. Indeed you don’t need to look to divine energy to see that this creation from nothing is happening all around us. How many entrepreneurs, musicians, and actors stories have you heard that start from a complete lack of anything that would be required to succeed? Despite such evidence we still believe that we must have all the elements in place before creation is possible.

It has been said thousands of times, but I stand here again to reiterate that everything in the universe no matter how large or small starts with the invisible stuff – thought. You can reject this concept if you wish and I welcome you to do so, but as far as I know no man-made object has ever been brought into being by any other method than starting with an idea.  Another fact that I find is equally amazing is that once the ideas have been created in the minds of people, very few have any idea how they are going to put this dreamlike notion into action.

This very book you hold in your hands shouldn’t even exist in truth, nor should the art in it. I have no qualifications of any worth in either English or art. I have no financial backing, any knowledge of book publishing, or book design skills. I have never been on a spiritual or empowerment course in my life. But despite all this, do you know what the greatest difficulty to over come in bringing you this book was?  It was putting to bed the 35-year struggle to believe I was more than what a handful of so-called teachers said I was. Shame on all those that fill the young with limitations whilst crushing their dreams.

How many great minds and talents lie undiscovered simply because of the limited views of the few? Could it not be that working this very moment in a fast-food chain is the person that could change the world, whose only fault is not knowing they have the power of creation lying within them. If this book or my life only ever inspires one person to greatness then it has all been worthwhile. It could be said that the divine energy never asked for permission to create the universe. And by giving the power of creation to you it has waived that restriction on you. So stop waiting for miracles to happen and start the creation process. You may think it is the same thing but I can assure you it’s not.

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