In search of the truth

It is a fact that one lifetime is very short and it is almost impossible to read, or more importantly understand all the great writings of history. It is especially hard when you take into account that many of their true meanings are covered by layers of misinterpretation and even at times manipulation. Sadly even some of the purest words from the past have been corrupted, much like stars in the sky, these words only show us a fraction of their pure light. Given that this is the case how can we ever know the real truth?

I believe rather than digging in some distant place for a glimmer of this knowledge, great truth. We should all start an excavation in the most remote place of all, a place so covered in myth and lies that many doubt it even exists. This divine temple of knowledge could be situated nearer than you think. This knowing, this truth, it has been said time and time again is within us all, but it is a fact many still choose to reject this. Rejection of knowledge which is aimed to help the human condition is nothing new and in many ways that is all part of the great cosmic game? That said even if you do intellectually agree with what I say, it may not be enough to unearth this great truth. I have come to believe it is within us at a level of feeling (not thinking) which is often overlooked. I say this not to dishearten you or to intimate you are not ready or that you must say, do, or think something more.

As it has been said by others many times before, you possess everything you will ever need to make contact with this divine spark, this truth within. We have all seem glimpses of the truth, but once your able to silence all doubts the truth will unfold on every level of your being. Then not only will you know the truth but a peace will fall over you . The monkey minds chatter will reduce and you may even experience large moments of serenity. Personally I do not believe that in this life time the ego can ever be truly put to bed, but at the very least you will begin to know the difference between your ego mind and the universal love (truth).

I’m sure many see this lifetime (lifetimes) voyage as a spiritual race. Many may see themselves as being far behind spiritual teachers, priests, monks and alike in this race? Fear not for this is just yet another trick of the ego, in truth a state of knowing is not raced towards, nor is it gained by thousands of hours of meditation, book reading or chanting. A state of knowing, ‘arrives precisely when it means to’ and often in/at the most un-spiritual of times.

A person who is totally lost can often walk ten paces turn a corner and know exactly where they are. I know then that ‘the truth’ for many is just around the next metaphoric corner.

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