Stop Engaging the Madness

I, like many have used the quote ‘No news is good news’ on numerous occasions, but it is only recently that I have used this as a way to improve my life. Up until a year ago I was one of lifes news obsessed worriers, a trait past down to me by my mother and fully embellished by myself. On more than one occasion I have truly believed that I and the whole human race where on the edge of annihilation, only to live another 10, 20, 30 years.

It seemed to me that every depressing tale was a build up to the next world war, great plague or mass starvation. The news does it’s best to enforce a view that we live on the verge of total social break down. It became glaringly obvious to me that whatever these events were which were to lead to the end of civilization; I was most of the time powerless to stop them.

Hours, days and months of my life were used up in fear, much like a broker watches the stocks, I’d track the news allowing it to consume whole slices of my life. This constant barrage of despair was disempowering me and turning me into a harbinger of doom. I was so immersed in this gloom that I had completely over looked how much the news was damaging my mental health, not to mention restricting my lifestyle.

Then one day I simply unplugged from the news matrix: the pictures, the voices and the reams of words ended.  Without a doubt the change to my daily life was profound. You can be sure that keeping the news at bay was not easy; it is everywhere, even my web browser delighted in letting me know the worst, till I found more positive alternatives. Well meaning friends and family tried to fill me in on the gloom, but I had to just ask them to stop or walk away.

The obvious thing most will say is that I’m just hiding from life. That may be true to some extent, but it is for my own well being.  Just like a former alcoholic who must avoid drink, to stop the addiction taking hold again, no good can come from me engaging events that are beyond my control.

For many the news is just a gleeful voyeuristic play of pain and suffering. They may believe this information has no effect on them, but by indulging this warped representation of life, the media monster grows ever stronger. It could be argued that we are now in a time when networks no longer just report the news; they are ultimately responsible for its creation. I would say with great certainty that many of the killings, bombings, rapes and abuses we see in our modern world are inspired by what is seen on the news today.

This media form can clearly be seen as giving the perpetrators of evil a sick form of world celebrity and extreme groups the recognition they need. It is unfair to brand Fictional movies solely to blame for our perceived violent world, in homes that would think twice before viewing a horror film, the news is sometimes on 24 hours a day. Should this branch of the media come with certification or a health warning? I think it would be worth some very deep consideration.

If you believe the world is only full of negativity, I would suggest that it’s your time to reduce your intake of this disempowering media circus. Switch it off, or turn it down, keep it out of your letter box, or delete it from your inbox. Take back control of your life and seek out the good, it’s out there and far more abundant than the current news forms would have you believe.

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