A Moment in Time

It is highly probable that you have a calendar on your wall with future events marked upon it, birthdays, holidays, and weekends away, you know the sorts of things. Doesn’t it seem like we are all generally waiting for a time when everything is as it should be… and all our dreams have come true.

Many religious teachings suggest that we are not in a good place right now, saying we are sinners living in this lost and imperfect world. Personally I reject the notion that true happiness can only be found after death, in some heavenly realm in some distant nirvana.  It is my belief that like my past self, people are avoiding the reality that life right now is just as it should be.

It could be this moment in time for you is filled with sadness and despair but this is only your perception. Every minute of every day can be viewed in a positive or negative light is it’s all down to you. Many will reject this concept as foolish and they will always see the glass of life as half empty. I will confess that enjoying the now and seeing it as all good is not easy, but like most things that will ultimately improve your life they rarely are. I‘ll happily confess I still have to monitor my 1st thoughts from time to time, as they still tend to be negative but I fully realize  you can’t change a 40 year old mindset over night.  By simply evaluating my thoughts and seeking the positive before putting them into words or action, I’ve been able to enjoy my day no matter what occurs. Even after a few weeks I found my need to put a positive spin on thoughts lessened as this became more natural to me.

It’s a fact that right now many people you know are not living in the now. Some choose to dwell in some supposed golden age of the past, viewing it through the distorted lens of nostalgia. Others sit and only focus on the future and what it may or may not bring. While I do not begrudge the odd glance backward or forward in time, to dwell in these non realities for long periods does little to improve this moment.  In fact many lives have been wasted in evasion of the truth that this is the only time that matters and you control.

Many believe we can only live once we truly grasp our own mortality, we all know that death is inevitable, but despite this we still believe it won’t happen to us. Beware this foolish deception we play on ourselves, yes time rolls on forever but in our current form our time on this planet is finite.

In closing think upon this, the universe has been evolving for billions of years just so you can experience this very second in time. knowing that can you still view it in such a superficial way? I ask you to savour every minute of every day whatever it brings. Welcome to this wonderful moment in time, one thing is for sure, you will never see the likes of it again.

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